Terms and Conditions of Sale

Ø  As from the 1st of January 2011 all items sold to customers will have no guarantee on them whatsoever. All articles are sold voetstoots (as is).

Ø  We at Barter Buy Antiques take every care to make sure that the articles sold (even though it is antique) are of the highest furniture quality, we treat all old wood for fear of wood bora, restore it to its original quality and have it polished and dusted before selling it, however when it leaves our premises we will not take responsibility for damage made to the piece either from wear or tear, mishandling or loss to pieces.

Ø  Goods kept in storage will only be kept for a maximum of 3 months, thereafter will be sold to defray costs or storage fees will be charged. No items in storage will be given to anyone without a Barter Buy receipt.  

Ø  If a piece is sold and is not returned with 24 hours or notified of problems to us within 24 hours then a fee will be charged for extra work done to that piece, whether it is keys having to be made, polishing, re-upholstering or anything else.

Ø  The prices for extra work will vary depending on the work to be done and the piece.

Ø  All deliveries will be at an extra cost as per our delivery fees.

Ø  An article to be made require a 70% deposit in order to purchase material and the outstanding 30% is to be paid on completion of the job.

Ø  Items will not be reserved due to the high demand.

Ø  No clocks will be fixed on Barter Buy's account, we will however give you a number of our clock repairer who will be able to fix and service your clocks at an extra fee.

Ø  Eft transactions not made within 24 hours of purchase will be cancelled.

Ø  No refunds or exchanges will be made on any purchases whatsoever.

Ø  Light globes will be sold separately at an additional R5.00 per globe.

Ø  All names on sold items will not be held accountable to Barter Buy Antiques. (i.e. - An item is written on a tag as Edwardian and later on is found to be a styled piece, Barter Buy will not be held responsible or liable for that mistake).

Ø  Due to the strange weather patterns we have experienced over the past, any deliveries made for a set date and could be postponed or cancelled due to rain.

Ø  Any damages to articles made by adults or children will be held responsible and damages will have to be charged for.

Ø  All cell numbers on invoices will be added to our sms list, however if you prefer not getting smses please ask to be removed by sending an email with your number. 


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